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Reel In The Good Times With Yamaha and HQ

Reel In The Good Times With Yamaha and HQ | Haines Hunter HQ

Yamaha Marine New Zealand is excited to announce the launch of a retail promotion, kicking off from February 1st and running nationwide. We are offering massive savings on our F40, F60, F90, F115 and F150 outboards including hardware rigging and labour to install when any of the applicable models are purchased together with a standard rigging package, fitted to the boat.

Model Fully Fitted Price Saving
F40LA $11,499.00 $3,000.00
F60LB $14,499.00 $3,000.00
F90LB $17,299.00 $5,000.00
F90LB2 $17,299.00 $5,000.00
F90XB  $17,299.00  $5,000.00
F90XB2  $17,299.00  $5,000.00 
F115LB $21,499.00 $5,000.00
F115LB2  $21,499.00  $5,000.00 
F115XB $21,499.00  $5,000.00 
F115XB2 $21,499.00  $5,000.00 
LF115XB $21,499.00  $5,000.00 
LF115XB2 $21,499.00  $5,000.00
F150LC $26,999.00 $6,000.00
F150XC  $26,999.00  $6,000.00 
LF150XC $26,999.00 $6,000.00


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Terms and conditions: 
All prices stated above are GST inclusive. Promotion available between 01/02/24 to 30/04/24 on new and eligible four-stroke F40LA, F60LB, F90LB, F115XB & F150XC outboards, through participating authorised Yamaha outboard dealers, while stocks last. Fully Fitted RRP for new F40LA is $11,499 inc GST, F60LB is $14,499 inc GST, F90LB (F90LB, F90LB2, F90XB, F90XB) is $17,299 inc GST, F115XB (F115LB, F115LB2, F115XB, F115XB2, LF115XB, LF115XB2) is $21,499 & F150XC (F150LC, F150XC, LF150XC) is $26,999. Offer available for private buyers only on specified models and where warranty is registered on or before the 30/04/24. Fully Fitted Offer pricing includes 703 remote control, 6Y8 gauges, propeller (SS Talon for F150, F115, F90, and AL K series for F60 & F40), control cables, and boat fitting. Price excludes removal of previous outboard motor and controls, repairs to electrical systems, fuel system/dash repairs, or steering systems, and transom repairs. Not available in conjunction with any other offers.