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See behind the scenes

At Haines Hunter HQ, we can book you in for a factory tour to see everything that goes into a Haines Hunter and why the ride just gets better. Simply call 09-579-9661 or complete the form below.

Artisan Boat Building

The tradition of building boats by hand will never be lost at Haines Hunter because it’s not only the best way to build a boat, it’s what we genuinely love doing. See for yourself what the team is working on and some of the techniques they employ to create the inherently strong yet elegantly refined hulls for which these vessels have become so well known. You’ll leave with a better understanding of why the ride just gets better!

One man, one boat

At Haines Hunter, one person takes responsibility during the finishing process of each boat. You could meet one of these craftsmen and learn what they’re doing to ensure the Haines Hunter under their stewardship receives the workmanship and attention to detail required to get through an exhausting final inspection and, ultimately, earn its Haines Hunter insignia.

Want to know more?

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