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New Yamaha V6 Offshore Outboards available from HQ

New Yamaha V6 Offshore Outboards available from HQ | Haines Hunter HQ

Some very exciting news from Yamaha recently, with the announcement of brand new product offerings including updated V6 Offshore outboards.
Yamaha’s V6 Offshore range have been our go-to engines on 660 and 725 models for years now, and we’ll thrilled to see some amazing new features incorporated into these very popular Yamaha models.
The new F225, F250 and F300 V6 Offshore models now boast built-in Digital Electric Steering (DES – F250 and F300 only), Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) and other features inspired from the big 425hp XTO Offshore model.
But first off, the big news is Yamaha’s amazing Digital Electric Steering (DES) originally introduced on the XTO Offshore is now built-in to F300 and F250 V6 variants. If you haven’t experienced DES, it’s whisper quiet and incredibly smooth.
For us, and our Yamaha trained technicians in the workshop, DES is significantly easier to rig than conventional steering systems and creates an uncluttered bilge with no steering pumps, hoses, hydraulic lines or connections, no bleeding procedure, less complexity and straightforward serviceability.
There’s also a bolt-on version of DES for conventional DEC models of the new V6 Offshore available in F225, F250, and F300 – talk to us about upgrading to DES on your DEC Yamaha outboard.
Also new is Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE), which keeps exhaust bubbles above the anti-ventilation plate and out of the propeller below 2500 rpm when in reverse.
This means the prop bites only clean water, resulting in outstanding reverse thrust and control to back down on fish. It’s especially effective when combined with the fast precision of Digital Electric Steering and Helm Master EX Full Manoeuvrability, which is helpful around docks and confined spaces.
Something that we really like is Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt function which allows complete tilt up from any position with a simple double push of the “UP” trim/tilt button, or full tilt down (until trim ram contact) by the same double push of the “DOWN” trim/tilt button.
There’s also a new built-in integrated tilt limiter to help prevent inadvertent damage. Plus, built-in DES models tilt higher out of the water than previous models, which helps lessen the potential for corrosion – a great feature for when you might be leaving your boat in the water for a while or overnighting.
As well as all of these great new features, the new V6 Offshore range capitalises on many styling cues from its XTO big brother. The models now available in pearlescent white or signature Yamaha grey now feature a colour-matched lower unit, a new one-piece top cowling with water-draining air duct molding, a new bottom cowling and apron shape and raised chrome graphics on built-in DES models only. How great would a pearlescent white Yamaha V6 F300 look on a SF725! 
With the new and upgraded V6 Offshore, Haines Hunter HQ customers can choose different ignition control options on singles and twins (keyed or wireless fob). For displays, options between the new small and thin touchscreen colour display –the CL5; or use analog gauges through use of an Analog Gauge Interface (AGI). There are even multi-function display interfaces (MFDIs) available to pipe display and control features directly to select third-party MFDs.
Adding more flexibility and more control, the V6 Offshore partnered with the new Helm Master EX boat control system brings modern amenities like speed control, trim assist and station selection to all DEC installations. Through easy-to-add Helm Master EX upgrades, boats can be equipped with Yamaha AutoPilot and even a Full Maneuverability Joystick. That includes single outboard boats!
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