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New F20 and T25 Outboards from Yamaha

New F20 and T25 Outboards from Yamaha | Haines Hunter HQ

Yamaha has added two new portable outboards to its line up with the introduction of the new generation F20 and T25 outboards.

The new F20 is built around the F25, an Innovation Award-winning outboard featuring  modified ECU mapping and a redesigned camshaft as well as an alternator that produces up to 16 amps of power, 60 percent more output than the previous generation F20. There is also ample electrical power for battery charging with plenty to spare for additional electronic equipment.

The variable trolling rpm switch makes the F20 the perfect fishing companion, while the easy to use fresh water flush attachment makes the outboard simple to clean at the end of the day. Built-in ergonomic carry handles and two-position resting pads make it easy to remove and store the F20.

Customers can choose manual start configuration, using Yamaha’s battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology, to power their boat with minimum rigging requirements. Yamaha also offers a range of electric-start configurations, all with the added peace of mind of factory installed manual pull start.

The new F20 comes in long and short shaft versions with remote, electric or manual start tiller handle, or optional multifunction tiller control.

For those that new a little more thrust in their portable outboard, Yamaha’s new high-thrust T25 delivers the power and grip to manoeuver heavier small vessels with exceptional efficiency. Also based on the award winning F25, Yamaha developed the new T25 in response to requests for lightweight, electronic fuel injected performance in a small, high-thrust configuration.

The new T25 benefits from the technology and features available on the standard F25 model, including an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), variable trolling rpm control and the ability to connect to Yamaha’s Command Link Digital Gauges.

The T25 also comes fitted with a patented dual thrust propeller, specifically tested and developed for this outboard. These big-diameter, low-pitch propellers offer exceptional thrust - up to 60% more thrust in reverse, and up to 10% in Forward gear - and efficiency for pushing big loads in both forward and reverse with exceptional control. 

For great performance, the T25 also features a two-cylinder powerhead with two valves per cylinder and single overhead cam.

The T25 is available in both 20-inch (L) and 25-inch (X) shaft length to suit a wider variety of hulls and provides both electric and manual start on all models.