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Maraetai Beach Boating Club Haines Hunter Only Day

Maraetai Beach Boating Club Haines Hunter Only Day | Haines Hunter HQ

Maraetai Beach Boating Club is hosting a Haines Hunter Only Day this Saturday.

Cyclone Dovi delayed the event earlier in the month so let's make it an amazing day out!

It's a fantastic opportunity to take the family out for a great days boating. The scenery around the back of Waiheke is fantastic with lots of bays, beaches and some great fishing.

The Club has organised the day for passionate Haines Hunter owners to get together and celebrate boating.

You can launch the boat from the Club, motor to Maraetai by water – or meet us at Pakatoa Island. We hope to see you on the day!


Meet at the Maraetai Beach Boating Club from 7.30am and join the Haines Hunter fleet cruise to Pakatoa Island, hang out for fun and games then cruise back for a BBQ back at the Boating Club. On the day of the event there will be reserved parking for 20x Haines Hunter owners at the Club.


Register with Ian on 027 231 4752 or send an email here.

Details from the Club

• The gates to the club compound will be open from about 0730hrs and Ian will be there to point you in the right direction. 
• Low tide is 0.88m at 0935hrs. It is recommended that you get on the water at least an hour prior.
• Once your launched please just hang around outside the breakwater (say about 500m off shore) while everyone gets sorted.  Have a coffee – introduce yourself to others.
• The aim is have everyone on the water before 0900hrs ready to create the Haines Hunter Fleet Cruise to Pakatoa Island. Arrive at the Island at 1000hrs.
• The bay we are heading to is North of the Pakatoa Island Jetty. See the picture of the bay that we are heading to so that you know where we’re going. Pay attention to the rocks either side of the bay.
• Please bring your own Picnic Lunch and refreshments. Also – this is a beach on a private island – you will need to have your own Loo (toilet) on your own boat.  Please do not use the trees.
• Feel free to swim, snorkel, or catch a fish – we are there to relax.
• A couple of light hearted games for people of all ages to enjoy; but the real aim is for all us Haines Hunter fans to really get to share our boats, our innovations; our ideas; and our passion for Haines Hunters.
• We will be gone from the Island around 1330hrs (1:30pm) and cruising back to the Boat Club to park up for an hour or so where you can check out trailers; winches; hulls; the bar will be open inside for refreshments.
• Haines Hunter HQ are throwing a few sausages on the BBQ over on the club deck. BBQ starts at about 1430 – Event finished by 1700hrs.  What a great way to wrap up the day!
• Club policy says you will need to show your Vaccine Pass to access the Club grounds.

Any questions call Ian on 027 231 4752 or send an email here.

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