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HQ's Hunter Gatherer Series – Boat Maintenance Night

HQ's Hunter Gatherer Series – Boat Maintenance Night | Haines Hunter HQ

Hunter Gatherer Series - Boat Maintenance

Last week Haines Hunter HQ played host to the latest instalment of our Hunter Gatherer Series, aiming to give our Haines family exclusive seminars to improve their boating experience.

In the latest edition, we had a great couple of hours listening to experts from Yamaha Marine New Zealand, DMW Trailers, Endurant, and Haines Hunter NZ, who shared tips and insights on care and maintenance for your boat, trailer and engine. 

Below are some of the key takeaways from the event:

When storing your boat, follow these important steps:

  • If your boat has a fridge/freezer beneath the Deluxe Back to Back seats, use a spacer between the seat and the base to ensure constant air flow and avoid the growth of mold.
  • Undo the bungs located at the transom to allow for proper ventilation and prevent moisture build-up.
  • If your boat has a fridge in the forward cabin, keep the door open to provide continuous air flow and prevent mold build-up. Some fridge models may have a small latch to keep the door open.
  • Place fish bin bases upside down and place the squabs on top.
  • Lift up the v-berth squabs and lean them against the side pocket surrounds to allow for adequate air circulation in the storage area below.
  • Before enclosing the boat with covers, make sure the inside is completely dry to prevent moisture-related issues.
  • Keep the fuel tank approximately 3/4 full, as overfilling may cause fuel expansion and escape through the air vent in warmer climates.
  • Fuel can go stale, potentially clogging the fuel system. To extend its storage life, occasionally top up with one-third fresh fuel, which restores volatile components that may have evaporated. If the boat will not be used for two or more months, consider emptying the tank or using a fuel stabiliser. Ensure to carefully read and follow the instructions when using a stabiliser.

Flushing your Engine

  • Modern Yamaha engines are equipped with a static flush feature. To initiate the flush, attach a hose to the static flush fitting on the engine and run water through it for 10-15 minutes. It's important not to use Salt Away or similar products to flush the internals of the motor, as these substances can accumulate on the internal anodes of the engine. Additionally, avoid running the engine while flushing and do not use outboard motor flush muffs.
  • When performing the flushing process, ensure that the engine is tilted in the up position. Once the flushing is complete, tilt the engine down to allow the water to drain properly.
  • Your engine paint is a protective coating for the metal beneath. If you scratch the paint, be sure to have the scratch repaired. Yamaha offers touch up paint available from an authorised Yamaha dealer.

Cleaning your Haines Hunter 

  • When cleaning the upholstery, use warm soapy water instead of harsh spray-on cleaning products, as these can compromise the durability of the marine vinyls. In case of mold, employ a soft brush for cleaning.
  • For enhanced visibility during rainy conditions, apply Rain-X Glass Water Repellent to your windscreen. This will repel rainwater and maintain visibility.
  • Traditional window cleaners can cause damage to the surface. Instead, opt for a cleaner specifically designed for acrylic materials.
  • To clean the exterior gel coat, utilise a car wash product that contains wax, such as CRC Wash & Wax. After washing, thoroughly rinse the entire exterior of the boat with plenty of fresh water.
  • For soft top boats, make sure to clean between the clears and aluminium surrounds to minimise salt build-up and maintain their condition.
  • To ensure easy removal of the boat cover, apply silicon or Vaseline to the inside of the boat cover snap socket. This helps lubricate the fastener, ensuring smooth operation.

Boat Care products are available for purchase at Haines Hunter HQ

Thanks to everyone that attended. If you have any ideas about future HQ Hunter Gatherer events, flick us an email with your idea! Keep an eye out for future Hunter Gatherer Series.

Check out some of the photos from the night below.